Financial Truths About Being a Bridesmaid

Every girl has thought about her wedding day at one point or another. The dress, the ring, the theme and of course the bridal party. You and all your best friends are wearing gorgeous dresses as they stand next to you when you say I do, but we often overlook just how expensive it can be for those in the party.

Hi, my name is Monica and as an experienced bridesmaid, here is my insight with you on some of the financial aspects to consider when saying yes to standing next to your best friend on their big day. 

On average, a bridesmaid/bridesman will spend $1,100 to $1,400 to partake in a single wedding.

With travel, clothing, hair, makeup, nails, accessories and gifts – not to mention any of the unplanned trips to the store for wine and chocolates when the craziness of planning a wedding feels like too much – it all adds up quickly, but reality is, your friend’s wedding is priceless. For them to ask you to stand by their side means that they value you so much so that they want you there next to them through this major, life altering event. You both will remember this for years to come and when you look back, it won’t be the money you’re thinking about, but rather the happiness you shared.



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