From Haus To Home: The Start

“Walk, don’t run,” I remind myself- but have I ever been the type to take caution?

As you will discover here, there is no caution nor rhyme, or reason. My poor partner, Gabriel, he’s always known me for my restlessness balanced with clumsiness, but I still wouldn’t describe myself as reckless. 

But I am an artist down to the core—one with an unquenchable thirst for life and its contents. So, with only 30 minutes to make a decision, we put down our life savings into a home. 

It felt like jumping off a cliff, not checking if we grabbed just a backpack or the chute. So terrified and yet, hopeful, we crossed our fingers that we wouldn’t just jump but fly, too.

Surprisingly, I have never expected the experience of buying a home to feel so intimate and vulnerable. We toured homes still occupied with the owners’ belongings, wrote letters that were carefully curated, and let ourselves dream about the idea of someday living out our milestones between these four walls. 

Could we raise our kids here? Is there a fence so our dog, Basil, can roam freely? Would there be enough room for our friends to come and stay with us? How far is it from the rest of our family?

It’s not until you sit there and start to understand the fundamental importance of each question. These questions sound like basic things to ask until they turn into non-negotiables. Why? Because there is undeniable care behind each one. 

So when we got the call that our offer was accepted, I wept. I felt like someone had given me the opportunity to dream further. In that moment, our lives were set into motion. So I invite you to come join us in this journey to turn this haus into a home.




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