From Haus To Home: Functional Shelf Styling

Shelf styling can easily become not only overwhelming, but a display of stuff.

The instagram posts and pinterest boards make it so tempting to collect beautiful “pieces” but unfortunately, we’ve lost the opportunity to utilize the storage we were given.

I’m not telling you to throw away all your cute decor and replace it with seagrass baskets purchased in bulk…but I am here to tell you we can have both.

Pieces purchased here are from Creative Co-Op, Anthropologie, and Target.

Here is my ultimate solution, idea, and equation:

  • 1 Non-functional decor piece to 2 functional decor pieces.
  • Spend a little more money on storage baskets.
  • Consider a theme in decor/functional pieces when purchasing. For us, I like natural woods as well as brass/gold accents and glass.
  • Use the zig zag method! (Photo above)

What functional pieces I used for our shelf:

  • Wine bottles
  • Cheese board
  • Wine Glasses
  • Cook books
  • Salad bowl + utensils
  • Placemats

What decorative (non-functional) pieces I used for our shelf:

  • Wood stools
  • Wooden vases
  • Wood garland/beads

Here I used a picture stand to display my cheese board to add shape, height, and another way to store one of my favorite serving pieces.

Let me know what you’re styling and I’d be so happy to help!

Sending love,




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