From Haus To Home: Countertop Styling Method

Styling your kitchen countertops is a little different from your average shelf styling. With countertops, we have much more space but, to avoid clutter, we need to compress the items we want to display. Not to mention, keeping our styling as functional as possible.

The method I created is “3 by 3” which is 3 layers with 3 levels.

  • To create 3 layers, you will need a back, middle, and front.
  • To create 3 levels, you will need a tall, medium, and small.

It’s a super easy way to find the perfect balance in your space! Not only do I love using my “3 by 3” method but I love to keep my pieces asymmetrical for a more organic finish.

Let me know if this helps and tag me if you post something using my method! There will be a tutorial video on my tiktok and instagram.




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