From Haus To Home: Turkish Kilim Pillows You’ll LOVE

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I’m going to skip the lengthy copyright we both know you don’t want to read. No hard feelings, it makes my job easier.

Here is what you need to know:

These are called kilim pillows. Also known as Turkish pillows! Their designs are repurposed textiles from oriental Turkish kilims which are hand-woven rugs and matts.

Lately, they have been making a big splash in today’s interior design world as they can either add bold or subtle elements into any home.

Here are the links!

In this list, there is a wide variety of kilim styled pillows and pillow covers. Some are a replicas that are printed, authentic vintage pieces, and mass manufactured in order to consider everyones budget! There is only one affiliate link below from Amazon. The rest are just reflections of my shopping addiction.


After browsing on my own, I really found myself in love with the VintagePillowCase etsy shop’s collection! Here are some of the ones I bought and how I styled them! Let me know what you think!

Happy shopping, friends!




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