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Let’s make this short and sweet. Here are the links to our bathroom from tiktok. Bathtub links: Vanity: Lastly, any other small items/decor can be found on my amazon page under Nicole’s Bathroom. PS the hidden toilet bowl brush and holder to match!

From Haus To Home: Bathroom Links

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She’s a 10 but she doesn’t know how to style throw pillows. When did throw pillows start costing $200? Thank you but next. Hello and welcome back. For all of those first time home buyers or millennial homeowners looking to style their living rooms, I am so happy give some assistance. I have made a […]

From Haus To Home: Throw + Pillow Combos

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How We Broke Our Bathroom Budget First and foremost, before any purchasing, you should ALWAYS have a budget- duh! Though that was the first thing we did, we still ran into way too many unexpected costs along the way. As someone who has never been “budget” savvy, I can’t tell you how to cut costs […]

From Haus To Home: What’s The Real Cost?

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Styling your kitchen countertops is a little different from your average shelf styling. With countertops, we have much more space but, to avoid clutter, we need to compress the items we want to display. Not to mention, keeping our styling as functional as possible. The method I created is “3 by 3” which is 3 […]

From Haus To Home: Countertop Styling Method

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I did the work so all you need to do is press “add to cart.” I’m going to skip the lengthy copyright we both know you don’t want to read. No hard feelings, it makes my job easier. Here is what you need to know: These are called kilim pillows. Also known as Turkish pillows! […]

From Haus To Home: Turkish Kilim Pillows You’ll LOVE

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*Full disclosure, in Minnesota, we are allowed to write letters to sellers. In some other states, it is illegal. As I know this is a controversial topic, I want to mention that this is a personal choice to write a letter as it is a personal choice to read the letter. For some sellers, it […]

From Haus To Home: The Letter We Wrote

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Shelf styling can easily become not only overwhelming, but a display of stuff. The instagram posts and pinterest boards make it so tempting to collect beautiful “pieces” but unfortunately, we’ve lost the opportunity to utilize the storage we were given. I’m not telling you to throw away all your cute decor and replace it with […]

From Haus To Home: Functional Shelf Styling

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“Walk, don’t run,” I remind myself- but have I ever been the type to take caution? As you will discover here, there is no caution nor rhyme, or reason. My poor partner, Gabriel, he’s always known me for my restlessness balanced with clumsiness, but I still wouldn’t describe myself as reckless.  But I am an artist […]

From Haus To Home: The Start

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Every girl has thought about her wedding day at one point or another. The dress, the ring, the theme and of course the bridal party. You and all your best friends are wearing gorgeous dresses as they stand next to you when you say I do, but we often overlook just how expensive it can […]

Financial Truths About Being a Bridesmaid


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