GIVEAWAY: the rug pulled out from under me

Photography done by  Sophie Grace Photography

Photography done by Sophie Grace Photography

Life didn't throw me a curve ball. It hit me with a bus. It picked me back up just to punch me back down.

She gave me a second heart to see how badly I wanted this. She tested me and taught me how to love her even more than I had already did. But better yet, life made me a better person than I was before.

In January of 2017, I bought this small little nifty fifty lens after one of my best friends had shown me it on our winter photo adventure. I'm not good with words or writing but you'll just have to trust me when I say that this small lens had changed my whole life. It turned my  back-burner ideas into realities but at the same time, it had pulled the rug from under me. 

Photo done by Sophie Grace Photography 

Photo done by Sophie Grace Photography 

It's November now and my January dreams of being on executive sorority councils for NDSU and my part-time job at Lot 2029 has obviously changed. But as the leaves have fallen and the snow has appeared, my photography season has softly ended. It has been bitter sweet but I believe it's time for a break. Between meeting new families, seniors, and more, being there for someone's big life moments has been the greatest gift of all. My life has changed in so many ways unlike most 20 year olds but I want to return the favor. I want someone to feel this magic like I did between awkward best man speeches to Mom + Dad's wedding tears. 

So this is my gift to an amazing first year. I want to gift my magic lens away. The reason why I'm doing this is because I want someone to experience something like I did and look at life at another perspective. How will this work? You will need to SHARE and COMMENT yourself, or another person, if you think would deserve this. I want to hear a short note on why you're (they're) the one I should hand over the baton.

I'll pick a winner by the 17th of November and announce it on my pages! Participant MUST be able to both share and comment or they will be taken out of the running. 

Happy photographing, my loves.  P.S. My season has softly closed meaning that I will not be taking any family, head shots, or portraits. Only wedding and engagement related clients.

xoxo, NM


Nicole Mendoza