I vow to be...

"I think I've told you this before, but I cannot and will not be the perfect wife."

"I think I've told you this before, but I cannot and will not be the perfect wife."

In the past couple of months, I have been so humbled and grateful to have worked with some of Fargo's best photographers ranging between Elisabeth Eden Photography to Haley Frost Creative. This past weekend I had the chance to second shoot underneath a fantastic photographer but someone I now consider a new friend, Nick Friesen. (And no, he's not related to Will, Sophie, or Austin Friesen.)

Every wedding is different and every wedding has a different story behind it. But the only consistent thing about weddings for me is seeing each partner's love pour into their vows. Though it rained right as the (outdoor) wedding started, it was love that came down.

Ceanna looked at her fiancé (now husband) and didn't just reveal her every thought but exemplified to the crowd the witty, care-free, and pure love she shared with Tanner.

"I vow to be the Fiona to your Shrek, even on the ugliest of days and despite some of the sounds that come out of your body. I will love you for you, right where you're at."

Lately, the culture we live in, it's so easy to be cynical and filled with bitterness and hate. Sometimes, I've caught myself thinking, "why would I want to give up my freedom and leave the party early?" But I was wrong and blind to what makes a relationship. A relationship is giving your partner wings to fly, to listen to all of their dreams, and push them to follow them. Your partner is meant to be your best friend, flaws and all. 

Fiona (73 of 76).jpg

Congratulations to the blushing bride and groom. You've finally found your someone in the crowd.



Nicole Midwest