I found a love...

The bride set a card for each guest asking for their best wishes. As the 16 of us looked down to think, I pondered on what I could tell the two newlyweds. I could say something short or sweet, a little honesty, or what I wish someone would tell me.

"Wishes from the photographer:

I wish his heart will never stop bursting when he hears your name.

I wish he'll make you smile so big you could see it on Google maps and so everyone will know where the ceremony is.

I wish your kids find a love like this. Something passionate, pure, and unconditional."

I met Lauren + Alex earlier this year for their engagement shoot and every part about them was effortless and incredible.

Now imagine what the wedding was like! By the time I had arrived, the place was decorated from head-to-toe but that wasn't even the best part. Like any other Nicholas Sparks back story, cabin had been in the family for around 110 years. There's even some fraternity greek letters carved into the wood from one of Lauren's great uncles along with small mementos left from each family member. For a second there, I considered pinching myself because I couldn't believe it all. The whole place was homey with sentimental value in every square inch but it was the company that made it special. With an exclusive guest list of 18 friends, family, and a pint-sized photographer, the night was about what truly matters: each other. 

I don't come from a fabulous family but being at this wedding, I got to see what it was like for the first time. It was eager cousins rushing up the stairs to see their cousin dressed in white, a mom and dad that would go to any length to ensure it would be a perfect day, and a brother that stepped in as the designated go-to guy for anything and everything. But that little description doesn't even scratch the surface. There's more. There is so much more. 

Oh, Alex. From being the perfect groom and now the perfect husband, you've entered such an amazing family who would do anything for you. My greatest wish for you and Lauren is for your love to grow deeper and fonder as each year goes by so someday when you look back on June 10th, 2017, it would have been the day you loved each other the least.