Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the greatest photo adventure of them all!

B A C K  S T O R Y: My life was turned around when I was 11 years old attending my 6th grade back-to-school night. After scanning the room and chatting with all of my friends as we adjust to this whole new world called middle school, my eyes landed on him, Chance Olsen. He was taller than any 12 year old I've ever met with ears that stuck out so far he could hear a dog bark from two blocks away (KIDDING). That night we became instant friends and there I met his incredible family: Emily, Sam,  Jack, and Janette. They had just moved from Idaho to North Dakota and was living inside a hotel room containing majority of their belongs, a family of five, and a wacky dog named Banjo.

Since then and almost 10 years later, nicknames developed, memories were made, one of them got married, and we all started our journey to following our dreams. Currently, Chance is preforming opera in Boston while Sam and his beautiful wife, Malena, live inside Minneapolis. While Jack, their father, still makes amazing food and carries his love for jamming out on his guitar, little Emily and her mother, Janette, opened their own small business called Gypsy and the Fish. Now this is where the fun part starts. 

Emily + Janette Olsen

Emily + Janette Olsen

For years (LITERAL YEARS!!!@!@#!), I've been telling Janette, Mama Olsen, that I would help her with media and creative work and that day has finally come. With over a month's worth of planning, location hunting, about five horses, and weather scare, we pushed through and made it happen! Maybe you could even say the stars were in our favor...? 

I can't begin to tell you how perfect this night was. When I arrived at our meeting spot, there wasn't a second to waste. In one room, face powder and mascara wands were at work while Mama Olsen was tugging me around to see all of the bohemian wonders she had created for tonight's extravaganza. Packed and prepped, we drove out to the mystery location which turned out to be the rustic barn of my god dang dreams! I'm talking about corn fields, a gravel road, horse roaming around, and a golden sunset waiting to kiss the horizon line. 

I still feel like I need to pinch myself. It's been over a week and I am still swooning. I also forgot to mention that I even got to ride a horse for the first time!

So here we go: A huge congratulations to everyone who helped rock it out even when a couple of bumps got in our way.

Models: Alexis Bachmeier, Emily Olsen, Hailey Moen, and Carly Lehr.

Horse wrangler extraordinaire: Diane Davies- Luger

Designer: Janette Olsen

Thanks again for the read! Till next time-

xoxo, NM