consider me gone

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Call me adventurous, impulsive, or even indecisive but sometimes, a girl needs to keep you on your toes. 

You read the caption right. What?! She's leaving?

I'll give you a second to settle down a bit. To cure your curiosity, I have provided you an explanation complimentary to this blog.  For about 11 months, I had been raving and blabbing about how I am going to run off and have my real own "Eat Pray Love" story unravel before me. Originally, I was going to study abroad in Spain but why stop there? 

So here's the plan: let's just leave.  For four months and a couple of tea breaks, I will be residing inside a small house next to the beach in Rome, Italy for the first couple of months and the rest is kind of a blur. Though this European trip doesn't include me living inside a castle, at least I can step into the shoes of Julia Roberts and eat pasta until my pants pop open. (I think?) 

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As for my bucket list? It's huge but let's see how many I can cross off while I'm there.

Netherlands, France, Italy, Switzerland

Scotland, Morocco, Spain, Belgium

Germany, Portugal 

..and more

What will you do there?

GIRL, WHAT WILL I NOT DO THERE. Once upon a time (when I had absolutely no responsibility), I packed my backpack after high school graduation and solo backpacked Europe for two months. I can't remember a time when I wasn't as happy and scared as I was during then. I want to photograph as many things as I can. Over there, there's a whole goldmine of beautiful sceneries and stories to hear. The only problem is that there isn't a pint-sized goofy photographer to document it.

Lastly...will you big back?

Of course I'll be back! I've got too many amazing brides I have to see! Being a wedding photographer, our November through April months are normally considered as an "off-season." It means that there isn't a huge demand for photography. Maybe here and there will be some weddings or special events but business is slow for the midwest. For my first year, there was exactly TWENTY-ONE weddings on my calendar. Holy smokes, I had also reached a  point where I did sixteen wedding weekends in a row. But I hit my goal and Nicole Mendoza has assisted, second shot, and photographed professionally twenty-one weddings before she even turned twenty-one in one year. Though this has been fun, this young photographer needs a break and I believe Rome is happy to help. 

xoxo, NM

Nicole Mendoza