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I'm jealous. I'll say it, write it, and admit it. How could you not when it comes to Destinee?! If anything, I admire her immensely for the way that she is. I could spend five paragraphs telling you how beautiful she is, how pretty the dress was, and more but that's only skin deep.

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She’s gets it done. What I admire so much is that if Destinee wants something, she’s not going to sit around and wait for it. She’s going to get up and get out there. Maybe she finds a boy cute, maybe she adds him on Facebook, maybe she ends up marrying him 6 years down the line? See? It’s amazing what can happen when you go out and get the things you deserve. But jokes aside, she's the kind of woman who will drive an hour out of town everyday because her niece's volleyball team needed a coach. Sounds small but those actions speaks louder than words. It's selflessness and the dedication she has for not just herself but her family as well. 

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But it’s the way that she loves is what drives this whole love letter I’ve written to her, her family, and friends. She’s not afraid to wear her heart on her shoulder. Or the way she talks about Dylan and how he continuously cares for her. But let's not forget about this handsome groom! I have a couple favorite moments but my top favorite is when I asked him what his favorite part about Destinee was. He told me,

"It's hard to pick one favorite when it comes to Destinee.  Let's call it a tie between her intelligence and how cute she is when she's angry.."

It's those silly little details that makes relationships whole. They’re filled with a special kind of thing where nurturing, playfulness, and patience sits in the description. Together, they've built a home based on love + honesty.

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Dear, Destinee + Dylan

I wish you the best. All I could ever want for you guys is to build a home filled with laughter, inside jokes, and a couple Netflix dates once a week. Destinee, you're more patient than you credit yourself. You're so amazing and I know Dylan sees that too. Dylan, kiss her good morning and kiss her good night for the rest of your days. Don't forget forehead kisses are underrated but don't give her cheek/lip burn from that beard/mustache combo of yours! (I don't know what to call it! I'm a girl!)

I'm sending all of my love,


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Nicole Mendoza