Digital, baby!

I think I’ve held my Sony more times than I’ve ever held someone else’s hand? If you catch me skipping around and dancing at a wedding you’ll see a Sony a7III in my hands.


Packages start at $2400 and engagements are included in each one. Travel Weddings outside of ND+MN are priced differently since they are tailored to each wedding. Contact me about it and I’m happy to work around your budget!

What is your travel rate?

  • The IRS recommended travel data of $0.65 per mile outside of 58102. If it’s for a destination/travel wedding, exclusions will apply.

First off, it’s completely non-refundable and nonnegotiable.

The retainer for your wedding date is 30% of your invoice or 15% down & 15% in two months after signed contract to help couples budget the payments. Does that make sense? It’s so you don’t have to pay such a large chunk at once but only if you request it.

The remainder balance (70%) is due 30 days before your wedding.

As for engagements and other sessions, your retainer is 50% after your contract is signed and the remaining 50% is due two weeks before your session.

How much is your retainer?

Is there a second shooter?

Though I’m a sucker for pairs of twos, I like to ride solo for weddings. I can confidently say that I’m just as good my own compared to running around with a four-piece team.

But if you do want a second shooter for a more diverse album, candids, or situations where the bride and groom, groom and groom, or bride and bride are getting ready in different locations then I would highly recommend one. I price my second shooters at $175 for 5 hours of coverage or 35$ per hour for weddings requiring more than 5 hours.

It all depends on your choice of package. I don’t limit my photos to a “maximum” but I sure as hell have a “minimum” so you have some idea of what to expect. As for GIFs and video, that’s all complimentary unless you specifically pay for it.

My personal tip for more photos: if you put it a ton of details, let yourself be vulnerable with me, and give me ideas of what you’d like to see personally then I will meet you half way.

How many photos do I receive?

I typically recommend to book a year in advance.

I’ve had all sorts of weddings in which they were booked between 2 weeks to 19 months in advanced.

It’s never too late to book one if I’m available. Though, I don’t book any weddings earlier than 24 months.

How early can I book my wedding?

The popular vote is 8 hours depending on how long your ceremony is and how much travel you’ll be enduring during your wedding day. If there’s a lot of “location to location” or a 60 minute ceremony then I would strongly push for a good 10 hour package.

How many hours do people typically book for a wedding?

Depending on your package. I would refer to that first before emailing me. For weddings, the average is typically 6-8 weeks until you receive your photos. If sometimes does come up, we will email you regarding your timeline and let you know if it will take longer. When that does happen, I like to gift you some extra photos for being so lovely and patient.

When do I get my photos back?

You’ll be receiving your preserved moments via Pixieset (check your spam folder. Sometimes it finds it’s way there).

Once it’s been delivered, you’ll have exactly F O U R weeks to access and download them. After that, there will be a strict redownload fee of 10% of your package.

I recommend downloading them onto three different devices so if worse comes to worse, you will have a backup to rely on.

Where can i access my photos?

My best friend is what they are! Kidding, but printing rights means you can go anywhere to print your photos off. I’ll send over some good recommendations but please be aware that the term “quality over quantity” hits a whole new meaning when you’re printing off $3000 worth of wedding/engagement photos.

What are printing rights?

Yes, yes, and yes! This is so important to me. It’s basically our “first date” in front of a camera. This is where we get to know each other and it gives me a chance to really see how vulnerable you can be with me. My approach to photos is wild, silly, and emotionally beautiful. Care to meet me halfway?

If you are not available to shoot your engagement session, you, out of curtesy of our team at Nicole Midwest, are able to substitute your session for an extra hour on your wedding day but only for need base couples. It’s not guaranteed for everyone.

Are engagement sessions included?

I counted, as of March 11th, 44 weddings and this June I’ll hit my 50th wedding I have shot in the past 2.5 years. Whoa. I’ve transitioned from a little Canon Rebel t4i, a Canon 5d Mark II, a Canon 5d Mark III, and now a Sony a7III. As for couples, oh man. I don’t think I’m ready to start counting.

How many weddings have you you shot?

Is my landlord going to discount my rent?



Do you offer discounts?

No. Your photos will be fully edited by my hands and a little magic from Adobe Lightroom + Photoshop.

Do you deliver RAW files?

As a proud baby sister and best friends to the LGBTQ community: HELLS TO THE YES. Sorry, I got a little too excited. I’m pretty passionate about these kinds of weddings because my older brother passed away before he could become legally married to his husband. I specifically remember the news telling me that the US passed same sex marriage back in 2015. I was living in Ireland at the time and it didn’t matter to me who was around when my tears started streaming down my face.

Do you shoot lgbtq weddings?