a little bit of my love


2.5 years. 50+ weddings. 100+ couples. 21 states shot. 20 countries traveled.

P.S. Will do almost anything for a Twix.



Nicole is my name and weddings are my game.

I’m a sucker for dad jokes, my rescue cat Milo Thatch, and supporting every local coffee shop with every last penny to my name.

I joke around about being a professional third wheel but I’m much more than that. I’m your personal attendant, your dress fluffer, the girl who’s willing to hold someone’s dress up so she can pee, your brother/sister’s wing woman, and better yet, your friend as well.

I wouldn’t be in this unless my heart was all in. I’m looking for the ones with the wildest of hair and the tenderest of hearts and, my god, I’m hoping its you.

I was never supposed to be a photographer.

Actually, as a first generation American and first born daughter, I was destined to become a nurse amongst the 4 generations of them on my mom’s side. If not that, then possibly the typical asian doctor or lawyer my father crossed his fingers for.

But I had to tell my parents my heart wasn’t in it. I didn’t know that a piece of technology could send my heart racing and dream the wildest of dreams until I picked up a camera at the age of 12. Looking back, I don’t think I would’ve believed you, 10 years ago, if you had told me that someday I could become a professional, too.


The ingredients behind Nicole Midwest

I grew up in ND, a place that was as wide and as flat as my butt. So when I first saw mountains, I felt something in me stop like I was being born again.

After that, I read every John Muir quote and jumped on every opportunity to see the earth’s best feature.


Although, I will support every local business until my last dying breathe, light flares and warm light is what gets me GOING.

There is so much beauty in the sun and it never ceases to make me feel alive.

My make out buddy and grabber of all things on tall shelves (and sometimes my butt.)

Gabe, if you’re reading this, you’ve managed to make my heart beat out of my chest everday since our first date.

I want to travel every part of this world with you and more.

I’ve been blaming all of my farts on this little fella for 4 months now.

Milo Thatch, the little rescue cat that stole my heart the moment he booped my nose. I volunteer for the Caring Hearts Foundation and it was love at first sight. Regardless of this little asshole’s tendencies to knock over every glass of liquid in my home, I love you little buddy.

My current life goal is to hit 30 countries before I turn 30 and I’ve officially explored 20 so far (not touched foot though- I need to spend time there to make it count).

I’ve lived in the states, Ireland, and Italy but someday I want to live inside Slovenia, Europe’s best kept secret.

My best friend and biggest supporter. Kristen started out as one of my wedding clients that, within 2 hours, turned into my partner in crime.

She’s basically my rock and I don’t know what I’d do without her. If I wasn’t her wedding photographer, I’d be her maid of honor instead.

Stick an IV in me and give me my fix.

I basically run on coffee. It takes 3 cups of American sized coffee to finally feel something nowadays.

I believer flowers and plants are the answer to everything.

I tell everyone that they deserve flowers on their doorstep everyday. To me, it’s an organic stamp of what happened on that day.

standing before you


If something makes you go ‘!!!!!’ inside than its worth keeping around

I’m not here to take pretty pictures

or tell you want you want to hear

or give you this fake fantasy of what media’s standard of “love” looks like.

Do you want to hear some honesty? Love isn’t about airbrushing or 100$ clothes with couples that have 4000 followers on instagram. Cut the shit, baby. Love is stinky morning breathe, tears after a sad movie, and being patient when someone else is not having the best of days.

I’m here to capture honesty and authenticity that only lovers can give. The longer I do this, I find the people that have given me the opportunity to be vulnerable with me and my camera.

So what’s it going to be like when we finally meet?

A small recognition to my dearest of friends, Sydney Arends, for proof reading and listening to all of my writing. You’re my favorite part about our home.