Miranda + Cole: From the Ground Up

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Miranda and Cole grew up in small towns 26 miles apart. The two knew each other most of their young adult lives, but the relationship didn’t take off until four years ago when Cole’s best friend married Miranda's older sister. The two spent so much time hanging out with their friend groups that they didn’t even need an official first date to know that they wanted to be together.

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Miranda and Cole were supposed to go to The Cities for a Twins game and weekend getaway but Cole had to work. So Miranda joined him in the truck to have a “romantic” weekend of hauling cattle instead. After they returned home, Cole popped the question in his living room. Miranda said an enthusiastic “yes!” and the rest is history.

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On July 20, Miranda and Cole finally said “I do” at a ceremony in St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in Oakes, North Dakota. Some of our favorite moments were Cole’s “first look” with who he THOUGHT was going to be bride, Miranda’s festive socks (GO BISON), and the fun-filled reception celebrating with their closest friends and family!

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We’re super excited that Miranda and Cole used some of our favorite vendors to make their day special! The couple got their flowers from Floret + Foliage, the gorgeous wedding dress from Your Day by Nicole, and the handsome groom’s attire from Halberstadt’s.

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Miranda + Cole,

Thank you so much for choosing us to document your wedding! The day was so full of beautiful moments and unique details, and we were honored to be a part of it. We are believing great things for your marriage as you build your life together “from the ground up.”

xoxo, the Nicole Midwest team

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Lynnae + Timothy: Sweet, Sassy + in Love


Lynnae and Tim had both been in the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) for four years but didn’t meet until the last couple of months of senior year in 2013. Lynnae was a Battalion Commander that year and saw Tim sitting in her spot. She went over and sassily asked him who he thought he was! He was just as sassy back (that’s how you know it’s meant to be) and they’ve been best friends ever since.


By the time they went on an actual “official” date, they already knew each other very well. Regardless, Lynnae was absolutely head over heels for Tim, and he felt the same way. As their relationship grew over the years, they were certain they had found their forever person and one day, when Lynnae came home early, Tim was shuffling around upstairs. Lynnae walked up, feeling worn out from the day, and got the surprise of her life when he popped the question with a ring AND an edible arrangement—fellas, take note! They were both beaming from ear to ear.


On July 13, the two lovebirds tied the knot. There was no stress to the day as Lynnae and Tim were just excited to be together—nothing makes them happier or more comfortable. In a gorgeous dress from Alan Evans Bridal and a handsome suit from Halberstadt's, the couple celebrated with their friends and family the pure joy that comes with choosing their favorite person for the rest of their life.

I love his kindness and his unconditional, quirky love. He loves how I’m generous and ‘feisty’—whatever THAT means.
— Lynnae

Lynnae is completely awesome and Tim is one of the sweetest humans ever. The wedding party was hilarious and one of the groomsmen even looked like the biker version of Jake Gyllenhall! Tim joked around about not forgetting to make him a flower crown but little did he know the girls already had it in the plan.

Like our very own Nicole, Lynnae’s mom is Filipino and made lumpia (Filipino egg rolls) for the occasion. Nicole definitely felt like part of the family when she snuck her a few during dinner—it was very delicious and felt very exclusive!

It was also an honor for us to be one of the first few weddings at Blue Belle Event Center and we want to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to the owners!


Lynnae + Tim,

You will always hold a special place in our hearts. We had a blast with you both, your wedding party, and your family! Thank you for making us feel like we were truly a part of your day. We are honored to have documented such beautiful people, inside and out, and such an inspirational love. We are cheering for your marriage every day!

xoxo, the Nicole Midwest team