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When someone asks me what kind of wedding I dream of, I imagine an untouched field of snow, fairy lights decorating everything in site, and evergreens filling the horizon line. A bit specific but don't we all have our "must-have" dream ideas? If I had the choice, I would most definitely get married on a Christmas tree farm just so I can tell my husband that he will always be my forevergreen.

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Who, What, Where?

A styled shoot planned in six days sounds quite ambitious unless you have the right team. For the past year, I've been working close with all of these vendors which I am also proud to call friends. 

Decor: White House Co

Floral: Love Always Floral

Calligraphy: Samantha Lane

Dress: Your Day by Nicole

Models: Ben Nereson + Haley Albert

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There's nothing wrong with falling in love...

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The design

The creative base to this shoot was the idea of "love will keep you warm."

Ben and Haley, a real life couple, were happy to model my impromptu styled session but it was the details I included in the styled shoot  is what makes this styled shoot so special to me. 

To start off, her coat is actually a family heirloom of mine that has been preserved and saved for over 50 years. I remember as a child, I would crawl into our basement closet just to touch it's fur and look at the embroidery at the bottom.*

Next, I bought the dress from a friend hoping that someday I can use this for my own wedding. There's just something about this Gatsby-esque dress that draws me to it in the most beautiful way. 

Lastly, while Ben wears my father's tie, Haley wears my mother's ring. Before my parents separated, my dad gave my mom this ring while I was a baby(not her actual engagement ring). Ever since I was little, I always thought it looked like a princess crown. Honestly, I'm not one for big chunky bling but that ring will always be my favorite exception.

Now that my "off season" has officially began, I'm hoping to throw more of these styled-shoots up. For a photographer, I spend 50% of my year running around with my head cut off from wedding to meeting to senior to wedding but the other half of the year I get the chance to dive deeper into the shoots I've always dreamed of. What I love most about styled shoots is that I get to take my time to think and elaborate more on my creative hunch to shoot images like this. 

But the best part of this shoot is that I filled it with memories like my parents' wedding rings, my dad's tie, or our coat that's been in the family for 50 + years. No matter what I'm shooting, when it's meaningful it makes things x100 better. 

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Thank you for the read!

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