Ryley + Luke: Finding Love in a Small Town


Ryley and Luke have known each other their whole lives, but when they went on their first date, they knew they had found something real and it left them both grinning from ear to ear. As their relationship progressed, the two prioritized having fun together and consistently sharing the words “I love you,” and the night of the proposal was no different.

Luke took Ryley out to eat at her favorite Fargo restaurant—shout out to Toscana! As they were enjoying their dinner, Luke said those three words and Ryley “subtly” responded, “If you love me so much why don’t you marry me?” (lol, we’re here for it!) Good thing he had already planned to pop the question during dessert ;)

Ryley and Luke’s wedding was full of stunning moments as well as joy and laughter with friends and family. The ceremony and reception were gorgeously set up and the couple had everything planned to a T, making it super easy to follow along and enjoy. Luckily, Ryley and Luke were even able to sneak away from the celebration to take some sunset photos and the hour did not disappoint.


What’s your favorite part about each other?

Ryley: “My favorite part about Luke is the kindness and care he shows to everyone around him. He is slow to anger and quick to forgive. He thinks of others first and is a wonderful listener.”

Luke: “My favorite part of Ryley is her love of adventure and trying new things. She is always up for a new challenge and motivates me to do the same.”


Ryley + Luke,

Your wedding day was breathtaking but your love for each other is what we admire the most. The day was incredibly fun, especially getting chased around the dance floor by the kids, and your families were helpful beyond words. Thank you for letting us document this important milestone.

xoxo, the Nicole Midwest team