Jackie + Garrett: Significant Simplicity


Jackie and Garrett grew up near each other but never talked until one night out after high school. As their relationship grew, it was inspiring to see how they dreamed together and individually and, without any hesitation, jumped on board to help each other follow their dreams.

This past New Year’s Eve, only two hours before the clock struck midnight, Garrett got down on one knee and proposed. Jackie, of course, said YES!


The wedding was so much fun because it wasn’t about anything except the bride and groom and the celebration seemed effortless. They simply only had and did what truly mattered. Family and friends who love them dearly were there and everything was focused on the couple and being together.

It’s so easy to get swept up in wedding planning chaos and go over the top, but when the day is done, everything is cleaned up, and everyone has gone home, it’s going to be the people and shared moments that you’ll remember forever.

I love the love Jackie has to give. She’s genuinely one of the sweetest girls I know. Garrett never fails to make me laugh—he’s hilarious. But what really sticks out to me is his talent with absolutely any instrument he picks up.
— Nicole Mendoza

Jackie and Garrett are such a vibrant and captivating couple. They make everyone around them feel welcome and have tons of fun. We also really admire how they’re dead set on any goal they make and support each other through it—especially when it comes to music. We fully expect to hear them on the radio someday!

Onto the next dream: Jackie and Garrett will soon be leaving the Fargo area for Salt Lake City. While they will be missed dearly, we are so excited to keep up with them as they pursue this next chapter!


Jackie + Garrett

You are such an inspiration to us in the way you love each other and your people and your willingness to follow your dreams, no matter where they take you. As you begin this new adventure, PLEASE keep in touch! We can hardly wait to hear about all the awesome things we’re confident you’ll do and how you two grow together. Until then, thank you for letting us document this piece of your journey.

xoxo, the Nicole Midwest team