Brooke + Reilly: Summer Camp Love


Brooke and Reilly have one of the most precious love stories, in our completely biased opinion ;) The two attended Bluewater Covenant Bible Camp together for years without knowing it and didn’t officially meet until after their sophomore year of high school, Reilly’s first summer on staff at the camp. Brooke remembered noticing this boy’s loud singing and crazy mohawk but didn’t get to know him until the summer of 2016 when she joined the staff.

Their first summer working together was strictly as friends with minimal talking throughout the school year. Brooke remembers, though, being drawn to Reilly in the way that he interacted with and loved everyone around him, even to the point of telling her friends: “I wouldn’t be mad if I married Reilly one day.”


As they both returned as staff members for another summer, something had changed and they immediately began to spend more time one-on-one. They talked about their feelings for each other and decided together that for the rest of the summer they would cultivate their friendship, pour into the lives of the campers and fellow staff members, and focus on their relationships with God. As the summer came to an end, they went on their first official date and the rest is history!

Well, almost.


On December 26th, Reilly and Brooke drove to camp to meet up with his family, who were planning on taking their family photos there. Brooke was honored that Reilly’s mom had asked her to be a part of it but didn’t realize it was all part of another plan. While on the road, his mom called to let them know that the family would “be a little late” but that Reilly’s sister and a friend who would be taking the photos should already be at the camp.

When Brooke and Reilly arrived, he suggested they take a few couple photos before everyone else got there. They took a few by the lake and then on the top of the hill, which was where they shared their first date. Reilly started to walk Brooke down a snowy path that was lined with lighted trees and a series of pictures—starting with the very first photo they ever took together and capturing several other significant memories until it landed on the final frame with the words: “a day we will never forget.”

With a banner that said “will you marry me,” Reilly got down on one knee and proposed to Brooke, the love of his life.


Brooke and Reilly are the kind of people that you want to keep talking to forever. They are extremely enjoyable to be around, have great taste in music, and love others unconditionally. Their wedding, in an obvious reflection of the two of them, was an absolute blast! From the awesome bridal party (with a shout out to Brooke’s rockin’ maid of honor for bringing a whole bunch of extra fun to the day) to the guests’ amazing dance moves to the couple’s thoughtfulness, the day was a complete joy to be a part of.


Brooke + Reilly,

Thank you for being such a strong reflection of God’s unconditional love. As individuals, you are incredibly wise, mature, and life-giving people and we are so excited to see how that translates into your life as husband and wife. You are a power couple and those traits will not only help you survive in your marriage but allow you to THRIVE. We are incredibly grateful you allowed us to be a part of your wedding day and are thrilled to continue to cheer you on for years to come!

xoxo, the Nicole Midwest team