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I'm going to be honest, I screamed the moment I read Kelsey's wedding inquiry. Like actually jumped up and scream. 

Only way to start this Love Letter to Kelsey, her family, and friends is that she is one of my biggest G I R L C R U S H E S in the FM area. (Sorry, Tyler!) I call her my Victoria Beckham, America's Next Top Model, and my favorite goofball at YDBN. 

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To start off, Kelsey and Tyler are so god dang fun and similar its almost crazy. They make me believe in soulmates. You can see it in the way they goof off with each other, especially in front of their friends. During photos, you'll hear Kelsey shout, "Tyler, think GQ!!" and then look back at him to see him flashing his best "smize" in their current pose. Now THAT’S the kind of energy I want.

But don't be fooled by those killer looks because these kids want nothing more than to have fun. Between locations and driving in a VERY crowded party bus, Kelsey and Tyler will get up and dance like no ones watching. (lol move over and give them some space to dance.) I think that’s my favorite part about these two. Kelsey and Tyler have this lust for life that’s so infectious that it makes me want to get up and join the dance. If it’s not that, then it’s because they’re so daring and care so deeply about each other.

People who really, truly, and unconditionally love each other will remember those things and hold on to them as close as they hold on to you.

That’s Kelsey and Tyler for you.

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So here is my Love Letter to the bride and groom. Its my exact description to how I see the two of them and what about them fills my heart.

Stay tuned for more, I promise I’ll be posting more soon.

xoxo, Nicole

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Bride Post: Why I Choose Nicole

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Months back, I was going through the extensive list of things I needed to acquire for my wedding and came to the conclusion that it was in fact time to pick a wedding photographer. I had been dreading making a decision because wedding photos are particularly important to me. I started with my venue’s top picks and after being unimpressed with the sky-high prices and the generic type of the photos, I extended my search to social media where I found someone that caught my eye.

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L I N C O L N +


Her professional photos were full of bright happy couples and beautiful detail shots that appealed to my picky nature. I scrolled through her instagram and decided to see what her personal instagram was like. I was sold on her then; her personal photos were so full of the things that mattered to me. They were full of variety and color, but most importantly, I could see the kind of person Nicole was; open and artistic with a wealth of ideas to create an original wedding album.

As someone who is not comfortable in front of the camera, it awesome to find someone who was able to understand my concerns and was able to pose me in ways that felt natural and comfortable for me while still looking professional. I loved not having to think about what poses to try because she knew what would work right away. She listened to the kind of wedding we were looking for and made sure to take photos in locations that suited the style of our wedding and made us look our best!

My wedding is coming up as quickly as ever but I know my photos won’t be something I have to worry about on my wedding day because Nicole will be working hard to show off all the the little details I care so much about. She will capture the joy of the day as effortlessly as she as she captured my attention online the first time I saw her. I would recommend her to anyone.

Best wishes on your big day,

Kris, a proud Nicole Midwest Bride

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