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Now, writing about yourself is a weird and anxiety filling task —so bear with me. I'm Nicole from Nicole Midwest Photography + Media. The photography part explains itself but the media part is my open window of opportunity to venture out into other sorts of media based tasks like video, branding, taking ugly selfies, and other sorts of work. 

For those who are reading this, if you're here to read about a self-driven woman who has it all together from actually making it to the gym everyday and can say the alphabet backwards then you've come to the wrong place. You've stumbled upon a photographer who lives to see this beautiful thing called, "joy," and I'll do almost anything to find it even if that means I'll have to eat ANOTHER tub of cookies and cream ice cream. 

Do you want to know why people book me? It's because I'm honest. I let myself be vulnerable and goofy with each person who contacts me because I want them to know that they're booking a photographer who isn't looking to be "perfect." I'm the photographer who chases honest pictures. They're the photographic proof of what a genuine laugh looks like. To see this emotion in people's eyes when they look at someone they have already fallen so deeply in love with. I, as a photographer, have one job. It's to have you see the beauty about yourself in these images the way I do.

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How it started...

I picked up my first DLSR when I was about 12 years old. I remember trying to shoot everything in sight from mirror selfies to my pet dog. Since then, it had always been just a hobby. I used to go through weird phases where I would go weeks shooting over and over again until something came up and discouraged me. Even though that happened, I would always pick it back up sooner or later. 

Fast forward to 2018, I'm standing in the back waiting for the cue, everyone turns around, and the bride starts walking in. It's 2018 and after working so hard and almost every waking hour, I am the happiest I've ever been. Being a photographer is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. As I said and I'll say it again, I chase joy. I chase brides and grooms all over town on their wedding days. I chase the beautiful reality of happy endings. 

I took the leap of faith and I  was ready to fall or fly. As if it were fate, a photographer friend of mine had let me shadow her at a wedding and right then and there, I was hooked.  Since then, my life has been a whirlwind of beautiful and exciting adventures between vows and laughter and almost 100 brides and grooms. Photography was what inspired me but the best part about it was seeing people's reactions to my work. 

Then I  handed in my resignation and poured my soul into piece of technology I call my second heart. It was a lot of change but it was one of the greatest decisions I've made in a while. 

Right now, I'm following my dreams and taking the leap of faith. I'm pretty god damn scared, to be honest, but its never felt so right. I don't regret it for a second. 

So what happened after that?


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