What Makes Love Real? Caleb Alnes

Real love is unconditional. It’s being vulnerable with those around you and trusting them with your heart. It’s leading them by example before ever expecting them to be vulnerable first. It’s leading them to love like Jesus loves. Unconditional love can look like being a shoulder for someone to cry on or doing something that you may not like but you know it brings life to the other.

Without real love one can never fully see the real person. We need to see through a lens of unconditional love. No agenda, nothing to gain, just simply to love them.

Real love comes from knowing your worth yet serving and supporting those who are still learning the value of their own worth.

Love in marriage is the same. It’s being a shoulder to cry on. It’s saying I choose you now and forever. I will go as far as laying my life down for you, to protect and honor you, to call out your worth. It’s saying yes to an adventure buddy and a life partner that adds and never subtracts to the adventure, no matter what life throws at you. That’s unconditional love.

What Makes Love Real? Chloé Smith

Profound, unstoppable, determined, unquestioning love.

It is made real in persistence. Love is made real when it is given with nothing left to gain.

It’s unearthed in repeatedly choosing to pursue someone in the midst of their struggle — in sitting alongside the mourning.

Real love transfers hope, peace, and acceptance across all boundaries from one soul to another. It’s vulnerability, it’s empathy, it’s something we take to every edge of the earth — in the midst of a community of our closest friends or alone in a big, new city.

Real love looks like giving up control. It looks like sharing your heart regardless of the reaction of others. It looks like Jesus laying himself out to be rejected. Love is made real when you find the courage to be vulnerable.

To your favorite barista, your life-long partner, your co-worker, or your little girl — love is understanding your undeniable worth and fighting for people to understand theirs.

What Makes Love Real? Parker Stenseth

Romeo and Juliet is the most acclaimed love story written by the most acclaimed English writer in literary history. Surely, if any literature is, this play must be an expression of authentic love, but how could a four-day fling between youths possibly become such a cornerstone example of love? I believe, rather than their age or the longevity of their relationship, the answer lies in the hardships they overcame in such a condensed period of time. Anyone can love when it’s easy. Romeo and Juliet, foolish as they may have been, choose to love when it was hard.

O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?

Now the whole world knows of thou father’s name
And the tragic end to our fateful love.
Playwrights doth claim we left love not the same
But why shall we be highly spoken of?
Our wake of death, you know the tale of woe,
Sent two families into gravest nights,
Yet still, my dearest, lovesick Romeo
Would not, the tale of our lives, rewrite.
Take note, the tragedy that gripped our bond
Is what eternalized our four day flame.
Love tested by fire shall ascend beyond
The fair-weather fancies that dawn the same.

Fate would have these star-crossed lovers beset
To gift us Romeo and his dear Juliet.


What Makes Love Real? Jessica Teubner

What does real love look like in my life?

Throughout my life, love has been made real for me through my family. That may be cliche, but it's true. They have been a constant in my life since day one.

To be more specific, I got the opportunity to observe real, authentic, raw love displayed through the marriage of my grandparents, John & Marilynn. They are both in heaven now. But, during there time on earth, they displayed but it meant to love "for better or worse and... in sickness and in health".

My Grandpa John used to be a family physician, but had to stop practicing due to a devastating stroke that took his mobility, speech, & so much more. The next 32 years my Grandma Marilynn loved him, cared for him, & stood by his side until he went to be with Jesus.

The way my family demonstrates love has shaped me to be the person I am. The way my grandparents displayed love has impacted me and will continue to remind of what a precious gift love really is.


What Makes Love Real? Molly Sondreal

Love is made real for me through Jack, Kollins, and Kate, my nephew and nieces.

The first time I saw each of them, my heart was overcome with a feeling I’d never had: immediate and deep adoration. The three of them constantly teach me to experience life through a lens of deliberate innocence. Because they don’t take into account feelings of rejection or hurt, their love is boundless, unfaltering, and unafraid. This teaches me to be child-like in the way I live my life, allowing me to receive and give love without expectation.

What Makes Love Real? Samantha Lane

Samantha Lane

Love is being selfless on behalf of another person, not because you have to but because you want to.

  1. It’s waking up early to kiss them before they leave for work.

  2. It’s the feeling of wanting nothing more than to make the other person happy.

  3. It’s having another person make your life better in every single way.

  4. It’s the joy you feel when you see them after a long day.

  5. It’s the electric connection that you share with no one else.

  6. It’s knowing that someone is there.

Love is so good. I love love and being in love and having someone who I love.


What Makes Love Real? Taylor Hall

Taylor Hall

Everyone interprets love differently for many reasons. Love within your family is different than love with your friends or your spouse or even your career but how do you know when it is real? I think it is easy to confuse love and lust, especially within this generation. I used to think I was in love, now the older I get I realize that it was just lust.

I fell in love with who I thought was my best friend at the age of 22, was married and had my daughter on the way and I knew everyone prior to that relationship was not real love.. this love was different, this love made me happier than I had ever been and I knew that this was "real love."

A year later, I was in my new home with my husband, my new baby, and my new business. I was scared of all the new changes, but I was in love. About a year later, my husband told me on our 2 year wedding anniversary a few words that I will never forget. He said, "I don't feel the same way about you anymore, I have love for you, but I don't love you." Those words still haunt me to this day, but I am forever grateful for being married. It was an experience I can't explain and that marriage brought me my daughter and pushed me to start this business that I love and it brought me so much insight to love, & relationships, that I am forever grateful for but to this day I still wonder.. what is real love?