What Makes Love Real? Jessica Teubner

What does real love look like in my life?

Throughout my life, love has been made real for me through my family. That may be cliche, but it's true. They have been a constant in my life since day one.

To be more specific, I got the opportunity to observe real, authentic, raw love displayed through the marriage of my grandparents, John & Marilynn. They are both in heaven now. But, during there time on earth, they displayed but it meant to love "for better or worse and... in sickness and in health".

My Grandpa John used to be a family physician, but had to stop practicing due to a devastating stroke that took his mobility, speech, & so much more. The next 32 years my Grandma Marilynn loved him, cared for him, & stood by his side until he went to be with Jesus.

The way my family demonstrates love has shaped me to be the person I am. The way my grandparents displayed love has impacted me and will continue to remind of what a precious gift love really is.