What Makes Love Real? Parker Stenseth

Romeo and Juliet is the most acclaimed love story written by the most acclaimed English writer in literary history. Surely, if any literature is, this play must be an expression of authentic love, but how could a four-day fling between youths possibly become such a cornerstone example of love? I believe, rather than their age or the longevity of their relationship, the answer lies in the hardships they overcame in such a condensed period of time. Anyone can love when it’s easy. Romeo and Juliet, foolish as they may have been, choose to love when it was hard.

O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?

Now the whole world knows of thou father’s name
And the tragic end to our fateful love.
Playwrights doth claim we left love not the same
But why shall we be highly spoken of?
Our wake of death, you know the tale of woe,
Sent two families into gravest nights,
Yet still, my dearest, lovesick Romeo
Would not, the tale of our lives, rewrite.
Take note, the tragedy that gripped our bond
Is what eternalized our four day flame.
Love tested by fire shall ascend beyond
The fair-weather fancies that dawn the same.

Fate would have these star-crossed lovers beset
To gift us Romeo and his dear Juliet.