What Makes Love Real? Chloé Smith

Profound, unstoppable, determined, unquestioning love.

It is made real in persistence. Love is made real when it is given with nothing left to gain.

It’s unearthed in repeatedly choosing to pursue someone in the midst of their struggle — in sitting alongside the mourning.

Real love transfers hope, peace, and acceptance across all boundaries from one soul to another. It’s vulnerability, it’s empathy, it’s something we take to every edge of the earth — in the midst of a community of our closest friends or alone in a big, new city.

Real love looks like giving up control. It looks like sharing your heart regardless of the reaction of others. It looks like Jesus laying himself out to be rejected. Love is made real when you find the courage to be vulnerable.

To your favorite barista, your life-long partner, your co-worker, or your little girl — love is understanding your undeniable worth and fighting for people to understand theirs.