What Makes Love Real? Caleb Alnes

Real love is unconditional. It’s being vulnerable with those around you and trusting them with your heart. It’s leading them by example before ever expecting them to be vulnerable first. It’s leading them to love like Jesus loves. Unconditional love can look like being a shoulder for someone to cry on or doing something that you may not like but you know it brings life to the other.

Without real love one can never fully see the real person. We need to see through a lens of unconditional love. No agenda, nothing to gain, just simply to love them.

Real love comes from knowing your worth yet serving and supporting those who are still learning the value of their own worth.

Love in marriage is the same. It’s being a shoulder to cry on. It’s saying I choose you now and forever. I will go as far as laying my life down for you, to protect and honor you, to call out your worth. It’s saying yes to an adventure buddy and a life partner that adds and never subtracts to the adventure, no matter what life throws at you. That’s unconditional love.